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Behind Children

Is an adult education project, financed through the Erasmus+ programme, that addresses the need of refining and strengthening the importance and the quality of communication within transnational families – with migrant parents and children left behind at home.

The project focuses on developing competences for parental educators working with migrant parents with the purpose of facilitating the interaction between separated parents and children. The project responds to the critical situation of children left behind by parents migrating for work, feeling abandoned and without support in their most important years of development, when emotional security plays a very important role.

initiator and partners

The project is initiated by the Noi Re-Cream Association based in Timisoara, Romania and realised in partnership with organization from five different European countries:







Inercia Digital




The partners will collaborate closely in creating complementary and innovative solutions for parental educators and for migrant parents: a training course offering adult education training methods, an online platform with information and activities for parents and children, as well as a digital application – Keep in Touch – connecting parents and children through a gamified component.

The project’s aim

The project’s aim is to develop the quality of life and the family integrity in European countries. The set of instruments created will help a number of approximately 96 adults participating in the project to identify their individual needs concerning their relationship with their children and find a proper way to respond to them. Furthermore, by working with adult parental educators, the methodology and the results will ripple beyond the project’s timespan, reaching far more migrant parents in the process of improving familial relations and thus, contributing to a more harmonious development of children with migrant parents.

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