Focus Group Methodology

We have used the Krueger’s framework of data analysis, which is a well established approach to focus groups:   First stage: Identifying a thematic framework, by writing memos in the margin of the text in the form of short phrases, ideas or concepts arising from the texts and beginning to develop categories At this stage […]

Focus Group Objectives and results of the focus groups

OBJECTIVES Associating the project and the theme of transnational family communication through parental education with projects and activities for social inclusion and cultural integration of migrants. Introducing the issue of distant parenting within the programs of organizations that work with migrants. Creating a flexible model of family roles for transnational families → using the exchange […]

Focus Group Report – Greece

Focus groups with parental educators working with migrant and refugee populations showed that most of them have not encountered parents with left behind children. They have come across unaccompanied and separated minors, while, in most cases, migrants’ and refugees’ goal is family reunification. They described that the migrant and refugee population is in limbo, characterized […]

Focus Group Report – Italy

Date and Time Friday April 23rd 2020, for the duration of 2 hours, 11.30 to 13.30 CEST;  Place Online, via Google Meet due to Covid restriction.  This enabled Promimpresa to reach participants from all over the Nation;  Participants 6 participants involved; for more detailed information on each profile, please refer to the Participants List.    […]

Focus Group Report – Portuguese

Date and Time: Friday, 23.04.2021, 1 hour duration, 19:00 to 20:00 CET hour. Place: Online, via Zoom platform due to the Covid restriction. Participants: 4 participants are involved (in Google Drive have one document with the general information of each one participant named “NLBChildren Focus Group”, and have also the “Participants List”, the screenshots, and […]

Focus Group Report – Spanish

Date and time: Wednesday, 19/05/2021; 1 hour duration, 9:00 am to 10:00 am Place: Online, Zoom (due to COVID restrictions) Participants: 5 participants   The procedure of the NLBC project Focus Group (IO1)   The focus group carried out on Wednesday by Inercia Digital, counted 5 professionals from different fields (parental educators, social worker, lawyer […]

Focus Group Report – Cyprus

Date and Time: Friday, 25.05.2021 Place: Nicosia, Cyprus Participants: 5 participants are involved INTRODUCTION The focus group was conducted between five participants active in the field of 1) adult education, 2) migrant integration and empowerment, 3) consulting services for families, parents and children. The participants demonstrate meaningful experience relevant to the topics of the project. The […]